Monday, 4 August 2008

OK so we didn't get the barbie out

But we had delicious burgers for tea nontheless!

Mum, Dad and teenage baby brother came over from Wales to visit, and although I was originally planning to make my famous African Lamb Casserole/Curry I chickened out at the last minute fearing they may not like it. So I reshuffled my meal plan and made
Jamie Olivers "Feed the family for a fiver" Lamb burgers
which were very delicious! I didn't do the carrot salad thingie though, just paired it with some romaine lettuce and sliced red onion, plus the chorizo garnished wedges which were tasty!

As I ducked out a bit with a very non-showy-off tea I thought I'd make a nice dessert as I know my mum is a big fan of a proper sweet. Not like me who cracks open the Aldi Wacko bars. I made a really delicious plum and chocolate clafoutis from a recipe book Mum bought me. It was goood! It had a gorgeous, rich, slightly gooey texture which contrasted beautifully with the sharpness of the plums. I'll be making it again (although J grumbled as he thought I was doing his favourite plum crumble).

In other news, I am getting my hair done tomorrow, yippee. Amy is at the hospital for a review of her hearing aids, now do I tell them that she keeps "forgetting" to wear them? Am I a terrible mother for not even noticing until I try and call her in from playing outside? Later in the week we are delivering the two of them to mums so they can have a mini break at Grandma's by the seaside. During those few days I am going to pretend I like being child free, whilst being secretly consoled by the fact that Eleanor is too little to join them and so will be at home, no doubt charging about on her little hands and knees and hopefully not bashing her head against anything as she practices standing up.

Ah, the carefree summer holidays.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Eek there are two of us!

I got a private message just now on MSE, congratulating me on my new relationship and that they were so glad Stephen and I had hit it off! There was I, getting flattered, but a bit of searching gave me the answers. There is someone else on that forum with the name squashy too, only capitalised!

I better hope Jason doesn't read my inbox...