Tuesday, 24 June 2008

High days and Holy Days

My beautiful girl made her First Holy Communion on Sunday. Now I don't really go in for this deep religion malarkey but I will admit to having a little tear in my eye as my oh so grown up daughter glided like a swan down the aisle, complete with plaster cast accessory, leading the whole class into church. Maybe it was the cost of the dress that did it (I was going for the "ballerina" as opposed to "mini-bride" look and my purse sure took the brunt of my fussiness! Amy fell in love with the one in the window and that was the one we went for). I had packed her off that morning to MILs to get her hair curled with strict instructions "Not to let Nanna anywhere near you with her makeup bag" whilst I tried to find an outfit that wouuld co-ordinate with one of the slings in my collection. Thank goodness the step squidges had brought outfits with them as I was none too pleased at my darling husbands early Sunday morning googling to try and ascertain if he had time to nip to next for a new shirt and tie before the ceremony started. I'm afraid Daniel came last on the list as he ended up with a thrown together checked shirt and jeans combo, a decision I later regretted as the photographer invited us all for a nice family snap in the school hall before we went in.

The service itself was nice, lots of lovely hymns that I pretended to know. Ah well, at least I have got some of the responses down to a tee now so I look slightly less conspicuous. Peace be with you. (See?!). Despite Amy's initial worries about lisping her way through the reading through missing front teeth, and losing the little wafer down the hollow of her plastercast, she did just beautifully.

And we went for the obvious choice for celebratory food: Chinese Buffet City of course. 17 spare ribs (seriously!) and a big bowl of strawberry ice cream later, she was full and happy and remarkable un-ok-sauce-covered so we went back home for more treats. Super Mario Kart Wii races!! Amen to that.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Oh my aching muscles

Ouch. Today I Raced for my Life. No really, it actually felt as if I was going to die at one point. I figured that as I was so pregnant last time I did it (see pic!), this time would be a cynch. Ok so I am probably carrying a bit of extra weight which didn't help. But my nice friend Nicola promised to buddy up with me as we set off, to keep the morale up. I am sure she only chose me so she would look extra gorgeous and skinny, not that she needed to mind you! At 1k as I struggled to speak through my heavy breathing she chirpily informed me that she does aerobics 4 times a week and power walks for arond 30 mins per day. Yikes I thought, why was it that I didn't train again? Well fair dos to her as she stuck by me and my semi jog right the way round until I ordered her to run free for the last 500m after which she zoomed off with her head held high. I was just about to give up and lie under a tree when I spotted Jason and his oh-so manly rainbow motif umbrella waving at me from across the field. So I picked my feet up and gave it all I had, which admittedly wasn't very much at all by that point. I figured the faster I ran the less actual time I would have left to endure this hell hole. Anyway my final time was 41 minutes which I was really pleased with as it was a personal best for me! And even better news, I managed to raise around £80 for Cancer Research which I did in memory of my Uncle Ray (RIP).

Next year I am wearing Eleanor for security. Against the people wot make me run.

Hi and Why

Hi indeed! And why? Well I spend so much time looking at other peoples interesting and sometimes mundane bits of waffle, that I thought it was high time I contributed some of my own. Should anyone wish to read about a 30 year old, attachment parenting, cloth nappying, co-sleeping, breastfeeding mummy to 3 squidges and 2 step squidges, who also listens to lots of music, watches jeremy kyle and other trashy tv, loves to be inventive in the kitchen and eat lots of nice stuff, whilst being a senior school administrator and being blissfully in love with my stay at home dad/taxi driving husband, then they can indulge to their heart's content! Welcome :-)