Sunday, 15 May 2011

How I store my clothes

Inspired by Spiragirl 's recent post, I thought I would share my thoughts about wardrobe organising.

I am a naturally messy person, always have been. I have to forcibly make myself be tidy. And invent "systems" to satisfy the problem solver in me. So here are my wardrobe rules.

  • All "bottom" items (skirts, trousers) must have a matching top selected to hang next to it.

  • Each outfit is hung at one end of the rail section, together with any dresses, in the order they come out of the laundry pile

  • I have more tops than bottoms, so the spare ones have their own area. The tops are hung in order of colour.

  • I MUST wear the first outfit on the left end of the rail, each morning. This saves dithery mornings and ensures a full rotation of outfits.

  • If for some reason I choose not to wear this outfit, it goes back to the beginning together with a mental "first strike". Sometimes I re-match it.

  • Any outfit with three strikes goes straight in the charity/ebay bag.

  • I operate a strict "one in, one out" policy. Anything new that I buy means I have to get rid of something else.

  • I am ruthless with my keepers/binners. I ask myself: would I buy it now if I saw it in a shop?

  • If it doesn't make me feel great, out it goes. Especially if it needs tummy sucking or hem hoiking to make it look nice.

  • I have a drawer of vest tops in every colour for layering.

  • I have a drawer of little cardigans for the same reasons.

  • I wear a new outfit each day, but don't necessarily wash after one wear. If it's still clean it goes back to the right end of the rail.

  • I have a winter/summer drawer with either jumpers or shorts and sun dresses depending on the time of year. The rest goes in the loft for the season.

  • Jeans don't count as outfits, they are kept folded and are for "blergh" days, or the pub, or weekends.

  • Posh shoes are kept in boxes on a high wardrbe shelf. But daily shoes are stored in a narrow "Billy" bookcase in the porch.

  • I rarely iron anything. The trick is to take stuff straight out of the washing machine and shake the creases out. Never dump in the laundry basket, wet or dry.

  • Don't keep things for best. Love your lovely things.

  • If it doesn't fit you but you can't bear to bin it, make a bag up for the loft and forget about it. I did, and the empty wardrobe was motivation enough for me to join weightwatchers.

So how do you store your clothes? I would love to hear from you!