Wednesday, 22 July 2009


How do you successfully balance work and family life? What do you do when you care so much about both of your jobs, as a breadwinner but also as a wife and mother?

I feel very lucky that I can work termtime only but this in itself causes its own problems- and deadlines. Sure I can only "do what I can do", as the don't worry about it brigade would advise reassuringly, but whatever I don't do will unfortunately sit festering for 6 weeks and the fresh start that is September 1st will be somewhat tarnished by the niggling hangover from last academic year, like that handwash only Christmas party dress that has been lurking at the bottom of the laundry basket...

On the flip side, my wonderful children are firmly in Summer Holiday mode and my fantastic husband is running around like a mad thing trying to get everything ready for when we go away to Cyprus. I am trying not to think about packing for 7 (eek). I feel awful that I am not able to help much. I think I may take the chuck-it-all-in approach and hope that we don't forget anything, like a small child.

I also feel awful about my poor Grandad. He is being admitted to Christies tomorrow to start a course of Radiotherapy. I was supposed to visit today but I had a physio appointment straight after work and there was no space inbetween. I am desperate to see him too and I will have to just make sure I make time.

When someone you love is so poorly it makes you realise what is important in life.

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